Friday, February 6, 2009

The Truth...

I believe that as it is my first blog it is highly important to be truthful with you. I created this blog so i could have some insight into my own life and life of others around me.

I get fed up with being bothered by the day to day trivial issues that only seem to bother me. I want to share what has happened in my day, what has made me laugh, what has made me motivated, what has made me drunk, what has annoyed me, issues that have come to my attention and the utterly weird and wonderful happenings of the somewhat fucked up world around us.

As an aspiring writer that will probobly never get anywhere close to writing a novel, this is my outlet to express the things that shape my opinions on the 'stylings of life.'

First things first, these blogs will have many gay, queer and lesbian themes purely because this is the life that i lead. I feel i need to express that this should not limit the people who read these blogs. Just because my opinions are openly gay it doesn't mean that they are aimed at one type of person. People no matter what sexuality or sexualities you identify with should be able to relate to any situation and i feel extremely passionate about this.

It amazes me how long it took me to know myself. If I think of every minute I have spent alone with myself It makes me feel a bit embarrassed to admit that I had the biggest realization, that would shape the rest of my life and mental state in a pub toilet.

Here I was sitting on a toilet next to a wall that says life is a purple jellybeen and amazing prose such as ‘If i were to call you a sparrow, would you consider yourself a pest? Or one who bathed in dust and came out clear - Zombee’ and I realized what my life was all about!I will never forget how happy I was when I finally admitted it to myself, not that I was ashamed just shy.

You know what I am talking about……

Every time you are pissed, it is the time you can finally talk to yourself without feeling crazy, being able to look in the mirror and see your self in some unforgiving very humorous reality.Looking at your reflection, like it’s not just a mirror image of you, its you stripped bare of all the bullshit.

The time when you talk to yourself properly, is when you are in the cubicle struggling to pull your pants down and sit, not fall on the toilet.It is when you are slightly dizzy, resting your elbows on your knees and you put your head into your hands and say ‘you are gay’

That sudden realization is the best epiphany that any person can have.It is meeting yourself for the first time. It is shaking hands with yourself and saying ‘I have heard so much about you, non of it good, but it’s finally nice to meet you’ (c)

Epiphany (feeling), the sudden realization or comprehension of the essence or meaning of something
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