Tuesday, March 3, 2009

On the straight and not so narrow...

The straight girl issue.

A friend of mine, at this current point in time is persuing a straight girl. She believes, like so many others that have traveled down this path, that she will be the special one that this girl will turn gay for.

It has been a while since she has had sex. The last time she did, it was with a stright girl who tore her clothes off only to leave her a week later for a man. You would think that we would learn from our mistakes but as humans, common sense doesn't seem to be a factor when it comes to who we fuck.

It has actually been so long that she googled 'sex without intercourse.' It resulted with some sites where men were in forums discussing how much harder women cum with just fingers and no cock.

This of course is no suprise to us but it makes you wonder how many years these men have been having sex and have only just come across this remarkable discovery. Neil Armstrong was the first man to discover the clitoris 'one small step for man one giant leap for man kind'

Lets face it, the vagina can be a tricky thing to navigate, so many places so many differnt ways to do things. It is easy for us girls because we have one and i suppose to the straight girl that could be quite daunting, licking yourself out.

I believe that there are only a very small percentage of the world that are totally straight.
I believe to say that you are only attracted to the opposite sex is not only a denial of basic human nature but a great opportunity missed.

What is it about 'The Straight' girl? What is it about the straight girl that manipulates and overpowers the gay women?

This then brings us to the age old question what came first, the chicken or the egg? Do you think that we are all born gay and due to the social norm, the majority conform and become hetero? Or are we born straight and then turn gay? hmmmm.

So when the straight girl realises that in fact she is gay, she is retreating back to her natural born instincts of homosexuality?

So for us who have seen the light and indeed not conformed with the norm, have we cracked the Matrix of sexuality?

The argument can also be turned around. The Hasbian? When the Hasbian decides that she has had her fill of homosexuality she runs back to Mr Anderson's shaft of certain death.
Maybe gender isn't the issue here.

Maybe it is about the right person. A very clever man once told me a story about a women who came home to her father and told him she was in love, the father asked her how the love making was, she replied that making love with him was the best love she had ever had, he then turned to her and said "yes ... but how is the silence......can you sit in silence?" Since i heard that story i have pretty much judged my relationships on it and i think it is a good judge of relaionships to come.

Apparently this straight girl talks a fuck load.

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