Saturday, May 30, 2009

crying shame...

I am an avid believer in children should be seen and not heard.

I am also pro leaving children in cars with the windows up.

Since when were parents not allowed to hit their children?  

I know plenty of people who copped some form of brutal beating and now they are better people for it.

I wonder if there is a link between the decrease in beatings and suicides among shop assistants around the globe.

There are so many children walking around who look like they are dying for a good kick in the face.  

Kids just don't have any concept  of their listening abilities.  They listen to thomas the tank engine,big bird and Iggle Piggle but not their parents.

Mind you most parents these days are fuck wits.

I can't wait for the day somebody events a Thomas the Tank Engine gun.

It is a crying shame that you cant tell kids to go back where they came from.  Quite a painful procedure for the mother but that serves her right for giving birth.

People say don't blame the kids blame the parents.  I blame both.

Just as bad as one another.

My parents were on to it.  I got left in the car and hit and i am a great person.  Looking back on it, it didn't even hurt that much.

Thats the problem with kids these days, they are pussies.

Kinds in the 1800's were drinking pints of gin.  Not these kids.

"mummy get me a juice."

"no dear how about a gin and  a bullet?"

The best parents are the parents who are still children themselves.  15,16 & 17 are the best ages to have babies.

I am pro teenage pregnancy.

Child birth is not natural.  Its down right weird.  Seeing a mother and child walking down the street.  You know that that child has come out of her vagina and lets face it it makes things kind of awkward.

I thank god everyday that when the time comes i can just pick mine out of a line.  I will use the age old selection process of eni meeni mini mo.

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