Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Fashion Faux Pas.....

Leggings are not pants. Let me say this one more time incase you there, in the back couldn't hear me, Leggings are not pants.

I was at the airport last night and there were some very sad cases of the legging epidemic. Who decided that it was ok to wear leggings as pants?

Since when was is ok to wear stockings as pants? There was one women in particular who appeared to be extremely proud of her gunt and drew attention to it by wearing leggings as pants.

Bring back the styrup pants i say! How brilliant was the styrup pant. I used to wear florel ones. I would also have the styrup out the back of my shoes rather than putting it under my foot. Now the styrup pant was a statement if i ever saw one! The Styrup wasn't for everyone, anyone over the age of four was to old for the styrup, luckily for me i was three.

Leggings as pants bring about so many pressing fasion issues eg 'can you see my underpants under this?' 'To Camel toe or not to Camel toe?' and the almighty 'do my hips look big in this?'

The cons out weigh the pros. The stress that is created from this so called fashion statement, i believe can seriously lead to premature hair loss.

Thats all we need, balding twenty somethings dressed in leggings and waving their highlighted Camelus in our faces. I say no to leggings as pants!

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