Tuesday, March 3, 2009

How Do You Have Yours?...

The rise of the lesbian sugar mama.

There is a special breed of X (wom) men who are geneticly modified to have power and persuasive control of another persons actions. This so called genetivly modified X chromosone has been dubed the 'Sugar'.

Scientists have proven that these X (wom) men do all in their power to pamper the current significant other, so their partners never leave....ever.

I only wish this particular issue had been brought to my attention sooner.

Once a rare breed, The Sugar Mama's numbers are growing rapidly. Some believe is is the hormones found in chicken and others believe it natural urge for lesbians around the world to be protective and supportive of their assets.

When did self respect cease? For both parties this is a very dangerous situation.

A. The Sugar Mama is happy with new partner "Y", then the honeymoon period of a week is over, the sugar mama becomes concerned, starts buying "Y" food to be able to stay in the house, clothes, starts using the word baby in text messages and asks "Y" what time she will be home...??

B. "Y" is happy, finds sugar mama attractive, is enjoying the guilt free sex and likes having someone to spoon, "Y" stays at sugar mama's house alot!! "Y" finds sugar mama being protective and over the top. "Y" hates the word baby. "Y" doesn't stay out late becxause she wants to get home before Sugar Mama finishes work, downs some Phrenergan and "Y" uses sleeping tablets as an excuse for lack of intimacy.

The cases of Sugar Mamadom vary from mild to serious. If you feel like you are coming down with it go to a nice gay bar and do the one thing all of us lesbians are great at - Karaoke . Use only as directed and if symptoms persist, cheat on her.

White and no Sugar Mama Thanks...

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