Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The out crowd on a one way street....

I was sitting on Gertrude Street with some friends the other day.

One of my friends discreetly asked me whether i was the giver or the receiver??????? I replied....both.

I ask you, Is this not the right answer because she looked at me as if i was some crazy sexual deviant who had just said something completely out of this world.

Is there some consipiracy in the lesbian world that i dont know about???? Do some only give and some only receive???

Ummmmmm what? Excuse me?

I could only begin to imagine the world in which you would only receive?? And heaven forbid i only ever gave. Lets face facts, orgasms are fucking brilliant.

Then this led me to think about all of my lesbian friends and wether they would be givers or receivers. I came to some pretty sound conclusions.

Then i did the first thing anybody would do when they were confused or didn't know how to spell something...... I googled it.

In the search bar i typed the logistics of lesbian sex - of course it came up with the usual how to bullshit e.g "some women enjoy deep penetration called fisting, make sure to be careful when doing so.."

No matter how many differn't ways i tried to spell it out, google just could't give me the answer i needed . If only i could build up the courage, just to ask my friend what she had mean't?

Please tell me how you feel about this topic. Do you give? Do you receive?

Or are you not apart of the conspiracy, and like me are happy in the one lane, on the two way street of sex?


  1. I really enjoyed the "I googled it" part.
    I relate to that.

  2. loved it!!! honey... sex should be a two way street!!!

  3. buhhh.... sex gets boring if you're not disocvering and challenging yourself. lesbian sex only works if its active and self-expressive. i tend towards the stone, but it would lead to the dreaded 'lesbian bed death' if i became apathetic about it.